A Lovely Lady Uncovered
Monday, Sep 14, 2015 10:57 am
A Lovely Lady Uncovered
           Ok, we have viewed and authenticated the Scenic Backdrop as having been painted by Louis Galanis founder of Scenic Arts Studios. Now it’s up to Christos and SAS to restore it in time for the dedication of the Foxborough Community Center. This lovely Lady of a backdrop is about to be uncovered!  I call the backdrop a Lady because she had a beautiful, mysterious, and elegant quality which is indicative of all great ladies and she did gave us a little trouble again indicative of all great ladies. But wait, before I continue. What about her stage home? It too was in disrepair and no place for a lady to call home!

            Scenic Arts Studios had also been commissioned by this wonderful appreciative committee to restore the stage to its original 1934 glory. We generously donated our time and labor and they covered the expense of materials, all were more than pleased with resulting budget.  The scenic backdrop Lady was to be enveloped in velour of the highest quality. A light colored fawn back curtain hid her delicate paints from the harsh lights of day along with beautiful red velour front and side curtain.  All was in place to take the backdrop home.

            It was carefully rolled on its original roller, to transport any other way would create new creases and further crackle the surface until we have had a closer look at the damage. Once in the Scenic Studio and after carefully unrolling and assessing the damage the situation was not as bad as formerly thought. The backdrop lady had withstood the ravages of time quite well. Rejuvenation could now begin.

            Christos having grown up with his Dad’s methods knew what he was looking at and how to recreate and repair the scenic backdrop. Here, if you expected these methods to be divulged I will have to disappoint, family trade secrets you understand. After several weeks of repairing damage and flat drying the backdrop was ready for hanging in the studio. Next ...the painted lady blooms!


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