The Curious Incident of the Backdrop in Foxboro.
Monday, Sep 14, 2015 9:12 am
The Curious Incident of the Backdrop in Foxboro.
     In the previous blog a backdrop painted by Louie Galanis in 1935 was discovered during a stage renovation of a community center in Foxboro. But why was it there and how did it get there? Tom Sawran the resident history detective had already traced the source of the backdrop to Scenic Arts. Along with a small committee of Foxboro folks we visited the site of the discovery. The backdrop had been unrolled with loving care and sure enough there was Louis signature on the front and Galanis Scenic Arts Studios on the back.
     Despite being torn, tattered and faded it was a thrilling moment for us, Louis talent shone through. The question “How did it get here" was on everybody's mind. Christos answered. “My Dad loved to paint, it was in his blood, it was his life. He painted pictures for his and friends’ homes, he painted walls, he drew on placemats and napkins in restaurants he just loved to paint and draw.” This backdrop was obviously one of his outpourings of that talent. He just loved to PAINT. But the more immediate question ..Could this backdrop now be saved? To be continued....

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