Louis and the Lusitania
Monday, Sep 14, 2015 7:13 am
Louis and the Lusitania


So how ARE they connected? Read on. Love what the people in old photos try to tell us! This was Louie Galanis in his early 20's in what looks to be his first car and transport for Scenic Arts Studios. Notice that the back of the car has a rack on it, a do it yourself alteration no doubt, to carry scenery, curtains, and backdrops. Talk about making "do"! Back in the Beginning as I mentioned in the previous blog, Louie would rent out a backdrop, go to the show that night, take down the backdrop at the end of the show and on to the next. He did what he had to in order to keep Scenic Arts alive. The look in his eye is one of pride at the sign on the back of the car, "Galanis Scenic Studios". He obviously wants you to notice it. His was prideful business ownership!  What captured the attention of the car enthusiasts in the studio was "What kind of car is that?" After a lot research and much debate, this is a family business and everybody is entitled to opinions, giving them often and loudly, a self proclaimed antique car "expert" came up with what he thought was the correct answer. The car is a Trumbell Cycletire CarWhat's your guess? Go ahead it's ok to have an opinion here..it's family. As you read the link did you get the connection between Louie, the car, and the Lusitania? With the untimely death of Isaac Trumbull the Cycle car was no more but lives on with the photo of Louie.

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