Begining the Journey
Wednesday, Sep 2, 2015 9:07 am
Begining the Journey


Every Dream has a beginning and this is the short version of the journey of Scenic Arts Studios and how it began. Scenic Arts Studios was started by Louis and Bessie Galanis in the 1920.s..that was a long time ago and times were very different and harder. They were married young and moved to Dorchester MA to begin their life together. Bessie supported her budding artist husband by working in a stocking factory, sewing the seams on the back of stockings. Louis was a paint boy for Lord Family scenic painters. It was Bessie’s income that supported them in the early years. Louis was honing the fine art of scenic painting until he decided to strike out on his own. Bessie put her sewing skills to work by sewing the muslin for backdrops and theater curtains. Louie of course did the painting. In the early days before an extensive rental inventory had been built up, Louie would wait until the end of one show, remove the theatrical backdrop and deliver it to the next rental venue in time for another opening another show. This made for long tiresome nights while Bessie tended the studio during the day. The young growing family persevered and made a success of Scenic Arts Studios. Scenic Arts Studios is the oldest family run Theatrical Backdrop Company in the United States in fact we are the only Backdrop Company still owned and operated by the original family for 4 generations. Now that is perseverance and success! 

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